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Sustainable transport short-term activity promotes incremental improvement in fuel efficiency and vehicle emissions controls while long-term sustainable mobility includes transitioning  transportation from traditional fossil-based energy to other alternatives such as gaseous fuels and  renewable resources. The entire life cycle of transport systems is subject to sustainability measurement and optimization.

Transport systems have significant impacts on the environment, accounting for 16% of the total CO2 emissions and 13% of greenhouse emissions (OICA, “Climate change and CO2”) globally. Greenhouse emissions from transport are increasing at a faster rate than any other energy-using sector. Road transport is also a major contributor to local air pollution and smog.

The demand for reducing vehicle pollution is becoming a priority issue for many countries. The European Union is leading the way with increasingly more stringent emission regulations and policies to reduce CO2 emissions. Alternative fuel engine technology is considered the challenge of the future, although ‘the future’ is getting closer as the technologies improve.

Despite the temporary low oil prices, economics will continue to be the principle driver for all the alternative fuels market around the globe.

LNG in the marine sector is advancing rapidly around the world because of its favourable economics and environmental benefits compared to diesel bunker fuels.

Similarly, biogas/biomethane is becoming more popular for its environmental contribution to road vehicles. Electric and ‘zero emission’ vehicles are gaining market share and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles continue to evolve.

The Alternative Fuels World Fair & Conferences will take place on May 26-28, 2016 in Bologna, Italy at the Bologna Fiere.  The event provides an exceptional opportunity to learn more about the progress of the different alternative fuels and provides a showcase for new sustainable technologies for the transportation sector.

Alternative fuels for transport and other applications will be on display at the exhibition space.  Each technology also will be given  prominence through seminars and workshops at the highest scientific and technical levels.

Entrance to the Fair is for free for the public. Professionals will have the opportunity to organize online in advance a tailor-made Study Tour to the different exhibitor companies’ manufacturing sites, among other attractions.

Italy is by far the largest alternative fuel market in Europe. AFVs represent 7.8% of the total number of vehicles and 14.5% of all new vehicles registered in 2014. Based on more than 80 years’ experience with  gas in the transport sector, Italian gaseous fuel technology – retrofit and OEM —  is synonymous  around the world with quality,  state-of-the-art products and components.

Registered delegates and exhibitors will find plenty of unique and profitable networking opportunities while B2B meetings will be organized on request.

The nicer networking and lobbying way? Come to the Gala Dinner, a special event in Bologna.

Exhibiting companies, delegates and visitors are expected from five continents: the Alternative Fuels Conferences & World Fair is the right place to be for alternative fuel professionals.

Information will be available shortly regarding professional tours and visits to Italian tourist areas to make your visit to Italy an unforgettable experience.

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Benvenuti a Bologna 2016!

Bologna City


Just 10 minutes from the Exhibition Centre, Bologna is a perfect balance of culture and knowledge, hospitality and fine food, ancient tradition and cutting-edge futurism.

A modern city with a well-preserved medieval centre: 40 km of porticos, museums, theatres, cinemas, over 200 libraries, countless pubs and restaurants, and a very lively nightlife: the envy of the entire world.

Guglielmo Marconi International Airport links Bologna to major international hubs and, with over 90 domestic and foreign destinations, places Bologna at the centre of business connections.

Located in the productive heart of northern Italy, Bologna is one of the country’s most important railway junctions, now served by new high-speed trains.

Appointed a UNESCO City of Music, Bologna is the home of the Teatro Comunale, the Bologna Festival, the Filarmonica, the Mozart Orchestra founded by Maestro Claudio Abbado, and the Cineteca, one of the world’s most important film restoration centres, with 11 Film Festivals a year. With the western world’s oldest university and many foreign universities, it attracts intellectuals and students from every part of the world. Bologna is home to Emilia-Romagna’s most prestigious motorcycle and racing car companies (such as Ducati, Ferrari, and Lamborghini), and to large industrial cooperatives and multinationals, leaders in ceramics, agribusiness, packaging, and mechanical automation. It boasts world-famous research centres such as Enea, Cnr, and Cineca. Bologna: economic and cultural opportunities far above the national average. The ideal place to do business.

We thank PromoBologna and BolognaCongressi for supplying information and photos http://www.bolognafiere.it/en/citta

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La Fiera di Bologna

Il Quartiere fieristico di Bologna si estende su un’area complessiva di 375.000 mq, tra zone coperte ed esterne e l’area totale dei servizi è di 36.000 mq.

I 18 padiglioni sono completamente cablati, climatizzati e dotati di sistemi informatici, mentre i 5 ingressi indipendenti consentono di ospitare più manifestazioni contemporaneamente.

Flessibilità e mobilità sono garantite all’interno da una rete di percorsi mobili e da un sistema di parcheggi con 14.500 posti auto coperti e prenotabili in anticipo.

BolognaFiere è il primo quartiere fieristico con un casello autostradale dedicato che si inserisce in un progetto globale finalizzato – assieme alla terza corsia dinamica – a snellire il traffico e a garantire l’ingresso diretto in fiera, evitando la tangenziale.

Per chi viaggia in elicottero, un eliporto è situato sul tetto del padiglione 16-18.

Un’apposita fermata ferroviaria “Bolognafiere” consente l’arrivo e la partenza di treni speciali in occasione delle manifestazioni con maggiore affluenza di pubblico.